By far, the tombstones are the EASIEST props to build. A simple method, using styrofoam sheets available at hardware shops. After some trial and error, I would not recommend anything less than 2" thickness for ample strength in the wind. The foam is conveniently available in 2' x 4' pieces, which is

perfect for the size of the average tomb stone. I drew the patterns onto the sytrofoam using a felt pen, then carved them using a long utility knife blade. I found a sawing (back and forth) action cut best, and did not crumble the styrofoam.

To carve the epitaphs, I used a soldering iron which melts the letters beautifully into the styrofoam, giving it true depth and dimension. To paint them, a small roller and paint brush came in handy with the

grey exterior latex. Be careful with the paint you use, as it could eat through your styrofoam (see my Stone Wall Project). To get the tombstones to stand in the graveyard, I attached strips of plywood

onto the back, using Liquid Nails foamboard adhesive. This also increases the strength of the stones dramatically. Then I screwed 2 tube brackets onto the backs, and pounded PVC pipe

into the ground. The tombstones just slid over the PVC pipe and voila! Instant graveyard!